Eunomia Develops Successful Recycling Rewards Scheme Bid for Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

25th March 2015

Eunomia has developed a successful bid on behalf of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to secure £106,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Recycling Rewards Scheme.

The successful bid proposed a scheme to drive increased participation in recycling and composting schemes by introducing new services supported by dedicated communications campaigns, and extending the existing Greenredeem rewards scheme.

The additional funds will be used to support the introduction of new services including:

  1. Introduction of new services to enable more ‘recycling on the go’. Windsor and Maidenhead will introduce  new recycling kiosks in high-footfall areas (e.g. shopping/leisure centres). Residents will be able to gain Greenredeem reward points for recycling cans and plastics. Three kiosks will be funded by DCLG plus three match-funded by Greenredeem, capturing around 2.6 tonnes annually.
  2. Introducing a new kerbside WEEE collection for recycling small or hand-held electrical items within dry recycling collections, and rewarding residents for participation. Windsor and Maidenhead aims to recycle an extra 60 tonnes of WEEE annually as a result of this new service.
  3. A doorstep canvassing campaign and neighbourhood recycling champions’ scheme to increase capture rates of food and dry recyclables.  Non/low participating residents will be visited by canvassers to explore and tackle barriers to participation – offering information and guidance, additional/different containers, food caddies and liners where required. The council will encourage and reward residents by offering “double points” on food waste recycling. Whilst canvassing officers will also seek to recruit local neighbourhood recycling champions. This will create a legacy of local community led recycling campaigns which, with the council’s support, will boost and sustain participation longer term.
  4. The Council also aims to extend it’s Greenredeem reward programme to it subscription based Garden Waste Service for the first time, with residents rewarded for signing up to the garden waste composting service. The council aims to gain up to 6,500 new customers, collecting an additional 1,950 tonnes annually.

Thanks to the funding, recycling is expected to rise from 50% to 58% across the borough, nudging the council in to the top 10.
Senior Consultant, Wayne Lewis, who led the project said,

“At a time when local authorities face shrinking budgets, we’re delighted to have assisted the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in securing £106,000 of additional funding from DCLGs Recycling Reward Scheme. The grant enables the borough to introduce a number of new services, supported by communication campaigns and reward schemes, which will ultimately improve recycling rates in the borough.”