Eunomia at LARAC 2014

14th October 2014

The Local Authority Waste and Recycling Conference (LARAC) is always a major event for the local government recycling community, and LARAC 2014 is set to be particularly special for Eunomia with the company contributing to four sessions at the event, which will run on Wednesday and Thursday this week (15th and 16th October). Adding to the excitement, the Waste Regulations Route Map – developed by Eunomia earlier in the year – has been nominated for an award.

Director James Fulford is presenting at a workshop on the subject of Incentive Schemes. The workshop, now fully booked, will also feature a presentation from Robert Crumbie, the Marketing and Communications Director for GreenRedeem (formerly known as RecycleBank).

In February of this year, Eunomia released a report for Serco on the effects of Recycling Incentives which found limited evidence for the success of such schemes. James, who directed that work, will be discussing what the available evidence does show and how hard it can be to achieve value for money with a scheme of this type. Given the availability of funding from DCLG under the new £5m Recycling Reward Scheme, James will also be helping workshop attendees to think about how they might design an application likely to both win funding and help councils run a scheme with real and positive impacts.

Founding Director and Chairman Dominic Hogg is presenting twice: on Wednesday as part of a panel discussion on the subject of waste infrastructure and the proximity principle; and on Thursday on the Circular Economy – the subject of the recent Waste Ambassador’s report.

Peter Jones will be running a Wednesday session on TEEP and the Waste Regulations Route Map, which later that evening is nominated for an award under the ‘Best New Idea’ category.