Emma Gowing Takes Waste Prevention Toolkit on Tour

3rd June 2014

Eunomia Specialist Technical Advisor, Emma Gowing, has been travelling widely to spread the word to local authorities regarding Eunomia’s free Waste Prevention Toolkit (WPT), May saw Emma head North to the county of her birth to present to officers at the North West Recycling Forum meeting in Preston. She explained the data difficulties that can be faced in building the financial case for waste prevention initiatives and how the WPT helps to overcome these.

The next stop was across the Pennines in Leeds, where Emma presented a seminar on the practical use of the WPT to the Yorkshire and Humber Waste Prevention Partnership. For the seminar included a short talk on the origins and uses of the WPT, before working through how the tool could be applied to the example of home composting.

Many of the authorities that attended the events had already obtained a copy of the WPT and had questions based on their initial exploration of how it works. However, the events were pitched so that even those being introduced to the WPT for the first time could benefit from the advice. Some are now looking at obtaining bespoke training or considering pooling their resources to fund the addition of further waste prevention initiatives to the tool’s scope.


Photo by Miss Saff, via Wikimedia Commons [CC-BY-SA-2.5}