EC Publishes Eunomia Analysis of Circular Economy Package

20th September 2016

The European Commission has recently published Eunomia’s analysis in support of the policy options included in the revised circular economy package, which was issued in December 2015.

The report includes detailed analysis and consideration of various aspects of the proposed package, including:

  • The costs and benefits of the policy options which have been included in the Commission’s supplement to the impact assessment;
  • How Member States’ reported tonnage of municipal solid waste may change under different definitions of municipal waste;
  • How performance against the proposed recycling targets could be measured in a consistent manner across Member States;
  • What the impact might be of allowing reuse to count towards the proposed targets in the Waste Framework Directive and the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive; and
  • What volume of material could potentially be recovered from Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) and incineration facilities, and what impacts this has, or, in the case of metal recovery from incinerators, may have, on Member States’ recycling rates.

Eunomia is pleased to have been able to support the Commission in this important work, which has the potential to shape waste management across Europe for the next decade. We look forward to seeing how the package progresses through the co-decision process.