Godfather of Waste Hierarchy Comes to Bristol

30th November 2016

Ad Lansink former Dutch politician and father of the ‘waste hierarchy’ is coming to interview Eunomia Founder Dominic Hogg, for part of his new book.

Gerhardus Wilhelmus Adrianus Josephus (‘Ad’) Lansink, born 1934, is one of the first environmentalists to encourage governments and society to manage waste by preventing it first, and disposing of it as a last resort. He shaped Dutch waste policy in 1979 when he put forward the ‘Lansink Ladder’ which went on to form the more well-known waste hierarchy.

Ad has been collaborating with Eunomia for several years after Eunomia Junior Consultant Steve Watson penned a blog about his influence on the industry in December 2013. The committed, 82 year old environmentalist contacted Isonomia’s editors after reading the post and has since created eight articles on environmental issues for the site. He has also completed a series of interviews highlighting how societies might adopt a zero waste future.

Speaking about his visit, Ad said:

“I am looking forward to meeting Peter and Steven, the Isonomia editors, they encouraged me to write articles for the blog and also to start thinking about my new English book.”

Isonomia editor Steve Watson said:

“It’s a pleasure to host Ad in Bristol, and to finally meet him following our long collaboration on the pages of Isonomia. Ad is a central character in the history of resource management, and we all feel honoured to have him visit the Eunomia office.”

Ad’s new book ‘Challenging Changes: Connecting the Waste Hierarchy and the Circular Economy’ is an English language follow-up to his Dutch ‘De Kracht van de Kringloop’. It will include a series of articles from different leaders in the industry and is due to be published in spring 2017.

Picture caption: Ad another thing: Lansink speaking in the Dutch House of Representatives. Photo by Rob Croes / Anefo, via Wikimedia Commons