Dominic Hogg to Speak at ADBA National Conference

9th December 2014

Dr. Dominic Hogg, Chairman at Eunomia, is speaking today at the ADBA National Conference.

Dominic will be taking part in a panel session considering how food waste policy will affect AD in the next 5 years. This session will include discussion on the future availability of food waste in the UK and whether it can keep pace with industry growth.

Panellists and delegates will debate whether a ban on food waste to landfill would transform the sector, and what chance that has of happening after the 2015 election. The panel will also cover the role of business, showcasing partnerships which have helped AD plants source feedstock and waste producers reduce costs.

Dominic suggests that government should:

“Step up the drive to prevent food waste and require the distribution of food which is past its sell by date. Reconsider existing regulations to enable food waste to be fed to animals where appropriate and mandate separate collections for food waste across local authorities and businesses.”

Other panellists in the session include:

  • Julian O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer, Biogen
  • Ashish Anand, Director Investment Banking Division, Barclays
  • Adam Baisley, Commercial Director, Olleco

The full programme can be found here.