Dominic Hogg Contributes to Influential Resource Efficiency Report

18th February 2016

Eunomia Chairman Dr Dominic Hogg features alongside other industry experts in a new publication, ‘Link to Link: Driving Resource Efficiency across Supply Chains’.

The report, brought together by The All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group, covers how each stage of the supply chain can become more resource-efficient and cut waste.

Dominic’s contribution to the study appears following the launch of Eunomia’s new circular economy team, which aims to support the increasing number of businesses who are adapting their business models to increase resource efficiency.

Dominic covers the ‘Management of Discards’ in chapter seven of the publication which places the past, present and future of waste management in the context of the drive for greater resource efficiency.  His chapter features next to seven others authored by industry experts and ten case studies from across the industry.

APSRG’s ‘Link to Link’ report concludes with 12 recommendations, most notably calling for the government to conduct a call for evidence on the state of play of resource efficiency in UK companies. The aim would be to identify barriers preventing them from being resource efficient.

Dominic commented:

“It’s very encouraging to see the APSRG focusing on the challenges and opportunities that come with a new, more circular approach to resources. The European Commission’s circular economy proposals, which Eunomia has played a key role in developing, have transformative potential, both in the waste sector and in the wider economy. Now is the time to really get to grips with the adaptations that are needed.”

Sponsored by WRc, GJF Fabrications and Suez, the report also includes contributions from  the University of Northampton, Feed-back, Northampton Business School, WRAP, the Knowledge Transfer Network, Royal Holloway University of London and Greenclick.