Eunomia House Band Launches Second EP in America

20th March 2017

Eunomia’s band Dirty Murph & the Kerbside Sorters have launched their second EP ‘Dark Side of the Bin’ with an interview on Boston Free Radio’s Techno Trash show with DJ Cole Rosengren.

The waste and resources themed band, made up of staff from the consultancy, is a perfect fit for the show’s unique combination of waste-related news and eclectic music.

Each of the new tracks has been lovingly prepared for reuse, with old tunes being given fresh, resources-themed lyrics. Compared with last year’s ‘The Missed Collection’, the sound this time is more rock oriented and up-tempo, repurposing tracks from across the decades: The Pixies’ ‘Here Comes Your Man’, for example, is reinvented as a complaint about missed collections, while the Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer’ is repurposed to give voice to an ‘RCV Driver’.


However, there is still room for an acoustic ballad, lamenting the impact of plastics on the marine environment and its subsequent journey into the food chain: “I’ve seen the nurdle and the damage done / A little part of it in everyone”.

Mark Corbin, the band’s lead singer, said:

“We’ve been working up these new songs over the course of the last year or so, and debuted several of them at the LARAC Conference in Nottingham last October. It was a real thrill to follow in the footsteps of so many of our musical heroes and play the East Midlands Conference Centre. From there, it was only natural to try to break into the US market, and I’m delighted that Techno Trash is providing us with our first foothold on the other side of the Atlantic.”

The band aims to abide by the waste hierarchy in its approach, and uses a variety of second hand instruments. There’s even a bin lid played to good effect on the track ‘Two Streams’. In order to prevent any risk of waste arisings, the recording is being given a digital only release, and is available on the group’s official Bandcamp page,

Dirty Murph and the Kerbside Sorters are available for conferences, AGMs, weddings – or environmental consultancy projects.