Contracting for Performance in Waste

16th October 2015

Eunomia Managing Consultant Rob Gillies will be speaking at the Circular Europe Network’s (CEN) 3rd Workshop event in Brussels on the 30th October.

CEN supports local and regional authorities to adopt circular economy strategies and the October workshop will be focussing on public procurement as one important instrument to facilitate such strategies.

Members of ACR+ and PPI4Waste project partners will hear from a range of speakers on the subject of Green Public Procurement, Public Procurement of Innovation and Waste Performance Contracts. Rob will be speaking on the last of these, outlining a number of case study examples of how performance contracts can be used in the public procurement of waste management services. Such performance contracts are defined as:

a contract for the management of waste which, through the action of a contractually agreed payment mechanism  related  to  defined  performance  indicators  and  targets,  incentivises  the  movement  of waste  management  further  up  the  waste  hierarchy,  and  enhances  the  prospects  for  improved resource efficiency and the flourishing of a circular economy.’

Rob will be drawing from a report recently developed by Eunomia on behalf of ACR+ and the European Environment Bureau (EEB) on this subject that outlines potential technical and financial structures, conditions for successful implementation and provides some example waste performance contract clauses.