Contract Workers In Demand As Environmental Sector Changes

7th July 2016

According to the Interim Management Association (IMA) the use of interim resources has grown by 93% since 2006 as organisations seek greater labour force flexibility in financially strained times.

The uncertainties surrounding Brexit, and the prospect of prolonged austerity, have led Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd. to launch a recruitment service, predicting an increase in contract work in the environmental sector.

Over recent years public and private organisations with tighter budgets have adapted, focused and restructured to become more efficient, maintaining services with fewer resources. The new interim management service, Eunomia People, is predicting that the interim market will continue to grow as businesses creating and delivering new strategies, not least, in the wake of Brexit, will need extra resource and specialist skills that can be passed on to existing personnel.

The IMA’s latest survey found that there are now over 16,000 people in the UK working as interim managers, in a sector now worth over £1.7bn a year. This development has occurred in parallel with the fall in public sector employment, which has dropped by 16% from more than 6.3m in 2009 to less than 5.4m in March 2016. Local government employment has fallen by 24%, while the number of civil servants is at its smallest since the Second World War. An extended period of low growth and intensive competition has meant that private sector companies, too, have needed to make changes and draft in new skills.

Within this changing job market interim contracts have become increasingly popular for employers and senior level consultants who are attracted to higher pay, greater flexibility and new and diverse challenges. Leading environmental consultancy Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd launched Eunomia People after seeing an increase in demand for interim management and following positive feedback from projects that Eunomia’s permanent consultants undertook in interim roles.

Neal Utting of Eunomia People said:

“The demand for this kind of work has increased because interim management is a flexible option. Working within a limited budget, it gives the client access to the best possible mix of skills – more than a single, permanently employed staff member could bring. They can access professionals with expertise in the right field, who can start immediately, look at situations objectively, avoid getting caught up in the politics of an organisation, deliver results from day one and upskill the existing workforce.”

Bringing together a network of experts from across the Europe, Eunomia People offers companies and public sector organisations access to senior managers and teams of professionals who have a proven track record in the environmental sector.