Chris Sherrington to Speak at Waste Prevention Seminar

14th January 2014

Dr Chris Sherrington, Senior Consultant at Eunomia, will be speaking at the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum Keynote Seminar in London on Tuesday 21st January. The title of the seminar is ‘Reducing and managing waste: implementing the Waste Prevention Programme, and moving towards a ‘zero waste’ economy’.

Chris will be presenting in the session on priorities for the Waste Prevention Programme, and will then take part in a panel discussion. The event will be chaired by Mark Pawsey MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Packaging. Other members of the discussion panel will include Wayne Hubbard, Chief Operating Officer of LWARB, and Dan Cooke, Director of External Affairs at Viridor.

Chris has managed much of Eunomia’s recent work on waste prevention, including two studies for Brussels Environment (on the potential role of economic instruments, and the feasibility of implementing obligations for reusable items at events), the launch of Eunomia’s free Waste Prevention Toolkit for local authorities, and the evaluation of finalists’ impacts in Nesta’s Waste Reduction Challenge Prize.

In anticipation of the launch of Defra’s Waste Prevention Programme for England last December, Chris authored Eunomia’s own waste prevention ‘wish-list’, containing five key measures that would spread “a little more joy and a lot less waste.” In addition to reducing waste, the five measures proposed in the wish-list would bring about:

  • improvements to local environmental quality from reduced littering;
  • reduced levels of plastic litter entering the marine environment;
  • increased resilience to future heatwaves;
  • reduced food poverty impacts; and
  • improved wellbeing for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Chris said,

“In order to be successful, waste prevention needs to be ‘visible’, with measures that capture the public’s imagination and clearly demonstrate tangible benefits. Preventing waste offers the opportunity not only to advance resource efficiency, but to deliver important social and economic gains.”

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