Chris Sherrington to address Bristol Green Infrastructure Event

15th June 2015

Dr Chris Sherrington, Principal Consultant at Eunomia will be speaking at a Bristol Business Green Week event in Clifton tomorrow. The event will be hosted at the offices of architects Stride Treglown.

Chris will be considering who benefits from the ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure, how we can place a value on these services, and who should pay. Chris will draw upon research into the impacts of green infrastructure on air quality, the urban heat island effect, biodiversity and physical and mental health, and explore how such benefits can be delivered in a cost-effective manner.

Chris has led a number of recent projects for Eunomia on green infrastructure and ecosystem services, including:

  • The development, with Avon Wildlife Trust Consultancy, of a ‘proof of concept’ Excel-based ecosystem service evaluation tool for Natural England, to allow local authority officers and Natural England staff to quickly, and cost-effectively, estimate the ecosystem services provision associated with a specific type of green infrastructure;
  • A pilot Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) research project, again in partnership with Avon Wildlife Trust Consultancy, and with support from Bristol Water, Wessex Water, the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership, the West of England Nature Partnership, the Environment Agency, Natural England, and TLT Solicitors. The project, focused on a catchment to the south of Bristol, is determining the potential for reducing costs to key stakeholders through changes to land management, in order to reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and reduce flood risk. A key innovative feature of the research is the development of an approach to creating multi-beneficiary contributory PES funds; and
  • A study for UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) on the wider benefits associated with Sustainable Drainage, and innovative approaches to delivery that seek to maximise the provision of these benefits.

Also speaking at the event will be Sara King, Senior Ecologist at Ecosulis, Mike Harris, Senior Town Planner at Stride Treglown and Sarah Jones-Morris, Senior Landscape Architect/Urban Designer at Stride Treglown.