Chris Sherrington presents on Marine Litter at UK MARLISCO Forum

10th December 2014

Dr Chris Sherrington, Principal Consultant at Eunomia, is today addressing the UK MARLISCO Forum in Westminster.

MARLISCO (which stands for MARine Litter in European Seas – Social Awareness and Co-Responsibility) is a project funded under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. The overarching goal of MARLISCO is:

“to raise public awareness, facilitate dialogue and promote co-responsibility among the different actors towards a joint vision for the sustainable management of marine litter across all European seas”

MARLISCO activities take place in the four European Regional Seas: North-East Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Sea, by a consortium with members located in 15 coastal countries.

Chris will be talking about the importance of focussing efforts on reducing land-based litter, which is understood to account for 80% of the litter that enters the marine environment. He will draw upon evidence from previous Eunomia research that suggests the benefits of doing so, via well designed interventions, including economic instruments, will outweigh the costs, even before accounting for the reduced impacts on the marine environment.

Eunomia has recently undertaken work on litter and marine litter for clients including:

Other speakers include Professor Richard Thompson of Plymouth University and Dr Darius Campbell, Executive Secretary of the OSPAR Commission. Full details about MARLISCO can be found here.