Chloe Bines to discuss Energy Storage at A Smarter Energy Future for Wales

26th November 2015

On Monday 30th November Eunomia Consultant Chloe Bines will be speaking at A Smarter Energy Future for Wales on energy storage options, market barriers and community heat.

Chloe’s presentation will discuss why we need energy storage in the UK and provide an overview of current and emerging energy storage technologies. Potential deployment opportunities for a variety of applications will be explored alongside a look at the current UK energy storage market and the technical and economic barriers to overcome in order to reach deployment. The presentation will also discuss:

  •  commercial opportunities and business models associated with energy storage technologies
  •  case studies on projects which have been using battery storage solutions and
  •  the CHOICES inter-seasonal heat project.

The event, hosted by the Energy Saving Trust Foundation, will look into the developments, challenges and opportunities for smart grids in Wales across all sectors. Other speakers will cover insights into smart grid technology and projects relating to smart and efficient energy choices.

More information on the event can be found here.