Providing Procurement Support to Wycombe District Council

8th September 2020

In 2018 Chiltern District Council, South Buckinghamshire District Council and Wycombe District Council (now part of Buckinghamshire Council) commissioned Eunomia to support the delivery of a joint procurement project for their new waste collection and street cleansing services contract using the Competitive Dialogue procedure. Eunomia, as the market leader in the procurement of environmental services contracts, provided technical, commercial and negotiation support, ensuring a successful long-term outcome for the new contract.

Overall Approach

Eunomia supported the procurement process through the following steps:

  • Developing a business case and procurement strategy for the proposed project to set out the key strategic aims and aspirations for the procurement process;
  • Developing the procurement and contract documentation to provide the authorities with a clear set of technical, financial and commercial requirements that would be acceptable to the industry and maximise competition;
  • Leading the negotiation with the market throughout the stages of dialogue to ensure the authorities’ strategic outcomes would be satisfied at the completion of negotiation;
  • Supporting the authorities with the evaluation of submissions through the tender stages and producing evaluation reports;
  • Supporting the authorities and their legal advisors to finalise the contract with the preferred bidder.

Project Intricacies

The procurement of the new contract happened when many other public procurement projects were taking place concurrently. Eunomia has excellent knowledge of the market and understood that bidding teams would be significantly stretched, meaning that creating interest and engagement from the market was a key challenge to this project. We undertook successful market engagement sessions with the industry prior to the start of the procurement process to ensure there would be the interest for this opportunity.

The transition of the three authorities into a Buckinghamshire wide unitary authority added further complexity to this project. Eunomia provided strategic technical advice to the authorities in the development of a joint specification to unify the service requirements, taking the long-term view that alignment would support the transition to a unitary authority.

Uncertainty in the materials markets needed to be addressed through a commercial mechanism which satisfied both the authorities’ and the new contractor’s commercial needs while only exposing each to a level of risk that they were willing to accept. This process was undertaken from a starting point designed with the authorities, and adapted through each round of dialogue where the bidders were able to input into the development of the payment and performance mechanism dealing with the materials management service.

Public Procurement requires thorough adherence to Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended) and this project adds to a long and successful track record of Eunomia delivering compliance with these regulations.


Eunomia provided support to a procurement process which delivered a contract that met the authorities’ specification and desire for a high-quality and good value service. Eunomia’s expertise in local authority waste operations and extensive experience in providing support in public procurement, meant we were able to ensure that the bidders were involved throughout the process and that value for money and a high-quality service were provided.

The new contract was awarded to Veolia ES (UK) Limited on 17 April 2020 and the services commenced on 7 September 2020.

Project Manager, Dominique Sandy said, “We were delighted to support the three authorities in the procurement of their new joint waste, recycling and street cleansing contract. The project’s success is a testament to the hard work of all involved and it was fantastic to be able to work with three committed bidders to achieve best value for the authorities and their residents.”

Simon Anthony at Buckinghamshire Council said, “Eunomia successfully delivered an excellent procurement in challenging circumstances on time and to a high standard.  Mobilisation has been completed and we are now working with Veolia under the new Contract.”

Image courtesy of Amateur with a camera va flikr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)