Optimising Packaging for Global Food and Beverage Franchise Operator

18th September 2018

One of the largest global food and beverage franchises wanted to understand which environmental policies and packaging initiatives would affect the future of their packaging design and management. They also wanted to check their current packaging was compliant with the UK packaging regulations.

We carry out an annual review for the franchise which checks packaging compliance, involving a data gathering exercise across the company’s franchises and submission of that information for compliance with the UK Packaging Regulations. Each year we:

  • Collate their packaging data to produce accurate overall annual packaging weight figures;
  • Undertake a variety of validation checks of the data gathered to ensure that producer responsibility obligations have been met;
  • Discuss key data with the client and suggest a range of actions to improve their compliance with the regulations; and
  • Carry out compliance audits as required.

We also support the company in understanding which environmental policies and packaging initiatives would affect the future of their packaging design and management. This was done through a policy horizon scan, with emphasis on the EU Circular Economy Package and the Waste Framework Directive, where we examined the possible impact these policies could have on outlets and identified good practice among competitors. We subsequently provided a review of alternative packaging options, with a particular focus on replacing plastic packaging.

Our sustainable business team identified potential alternatives for a number of key take-away and high-volume consumable elements, including:

  • Disposable cups and lids;
  • Salad and soup bowls and lids; and
  • Straws and cutlery.

These items, among others, were assessed for their carbon impact and recyclability, and suggested alternatives were put forward as part of a wider brand refresh.

The CSR Director said:

“Eunomia’s team is responsive, knowledgeable and professional and has helped us navigate our way through the packaging regulations for several years, giving us complete confidence in the quality of our data and the submission. In addition Eunomia has helped to keep us aware of forthcoming policy changes and of practical opportunities to optimise our packaging and minimise environmental impact in the ever changing legislative landscape.”

Our Project Director and Head of Sustainable Business Mark Hilton said:

“We provide a comprehensive range of services to this leading food and beverage franchise operation, ensuring that they are both compliant with current packaging regulation and enabling them to make the best decisions for their future.”

Photo courtesy of Faungg’s, Plastic Wrapping CC BY 2.0 via Flickr.