Bath Businesses Save on Waste Collection Costs

12th September 2018

We were commissioned by Bath Business Improvement District (Bath BID) to design and manage a tender process to secure a new commercial waste collection service which resulted in businesses in the UNESCO city making savings of up to 50% whilst also creating cleaner streets.

Bath BID, funded by 660+ levy paying local businesses, wanted to improve commercial waste collection services in the city centre. As well as generating savings for businesses, the BID wanted to reduce the number of vehicle movements and the amount of waste on the streets.

The BID commissioned us to manage the tender process for a collaborative waste collection contract. The contract was designed so that if enough businesses chose to participate in a contract backed by the BID, it would give them considerable bargaining power. The BID’s management could then act as an influential “super client” ensuring a high quality service at a stable price.

SITA UK (now SUEZ) was selected as the preferred bidder in April 2013. With over 660 businesses contributing to Bath BID, the target for year one was for 100 members to sign up to the new service – this target was achieved in just six weeks. Since then, Bath BID has managed to bring over 50% of local businesses into its waste collection contract.

The initiative has been successful because of the clear benefits to local businesses:

  • Cheaper waste collection – SUEZ offered BID levy payers a preferential rate. It reported that businesses saved up to 50%, and in one case an international publisher made annual savings of over £20,000 across 4 sites.
  • An improved service level, with collection streams and collection days tailored to BID members’ needs (including Sunday collections).
  • Noticeably cleaner streets, a result of more frequent, timed collections and free seagull-proof bags – a key priority, given Bath is a major tourist destination.
  • Reduction in congestion and city pollution by reducing the number of waste collection operators in the city each day.

Les Redwood, Bath BID Project Manager said:

“I can confidently recommend Eunomia to other BIDs who are looking to cut the costs of waste collection. Eunomia gave us a professional and efficient service and helped us to secure waste collection services for our members which are both cheaper and better. The savings from waste collection will for many businesses in Bath exceed levy costs and we hope to be able to use the contract to encourage new members to join.”

We supported Bath BID throughout the procurement process by:

  • Engaging with the market by notifying commercial contractors of the upcoming procurement opportunity, and running information sessions to ensure that potential contractors understood the aims of the BID and how the collaborative procurement contract would work.
  • Designing a specification tailored to match Bath BID’s needs exactly. This included ensuring that contractors could provide free ‘seagull proof’ sacks to prevent scavenging, a problem identified as specific to this context.
  • Managing communication with bidders, answering all queries, ensuring a high quality, competitive process.
  • Evaluating submissions against quality and price using a tried and tested process, and based on what was most important to Bath BID and its levy payers.

We have subsequently managed similar projects for LeedsBID, Bristol City Centre BID, St Albans BID and York BID.