Due Diligence on Electricity Storage Technology

8th January 2015

We were commissioned to undertake market and commercial due diligence for a technology provider seeking to obtain a licence for an electricity (battery) storage technology in the UK from an international manufacturer.

Our role was to help determine the prospects for wide-scale deployment of the product in the UK and Europe. This included review and competitor assessment of a range of technologies, and detailed analysis of a range of potential business models.  These included:

  • managing of grid constraints for Distributed Network Operators (DNOs);
  • enabling grid connection and power export (in areas of constraint) for intermittent renewable electricity generators, including those using both wind and solar;
  • revenue optimisation (‘arbitrage’) for non-intermittent renewable electricity generators;
  • provision of Balancing Services and security of supply to National Grid, the System Operator (SO); and
  • revenue optimisation for industrial power users.

Photo: Razor512 (CC BY 2.0), via Flickr.