Analysing Packaging Data for UK Power Networks

28th September 2018

UK Power Networks, a leading distribution network operator which delivers electricity across 29,000 square kilometres in London, the South East and East of England, has commissioned us over a number of years to support its Annual Packaging Regulation Analysis and Submission.

Under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations, if a company handles (puts on the market, including net imports) more than 50 tonnes of packaging in the previous year, and has a turnover greater than £2 million, then it becomes an ‘obligated’ company, and is required to collate and report on the amount of packaging used by material type. This information is then used to establish the quantities of Packaging Recovery Notes that need to be purchased in order to meet the company’s recycling and wider recovery obligations.

As one of the largest UK electricity distributors, UK Power Networks’ main obligation relates to packaging from the imported drums used to store and transport the many kilometres of cables installed and replaced on an annual basis.  Other packaging including crates and pallets usually made from either wood or metal which, due to the heavy-duty nature of the transformers and other equipment they protect, weigh a significant amount.

Each year our team carries out a series of complex data-gathering and analysis tasks to ensure that UK Power Networks data submission is complete and accurate. As part of this work, we:

  • Obtain procurement data and updated supplier lists;
  • Obtain information from overseas suppliers, including types and quantities of materials imported and re-exported for reuse;
  • Validate the information by making direct contact with the suppliers;
  • Populate a bespoke, Eunomia-developed spreadsheet tool to aggregate and analyse the data;
  • Assist in completing the relevant paperwork and making the data submission to the Compliance Scheme;
  • Produce an annual summary report; and
  • Support UK Power Networks in terms of compliance scheme audits.

Project Manager, Daniel Whittaker, said:

“Our quality-assured process gives our clients confidence that the data they are submitting is accurate, and ensures that they’re ultimately meeting their environmental obligations at lowest cost. Our wide ranging expertise in packaging and packaging regulations compliance provides peace of mind for clients in what can otherwise be a complex, frustrating and expensive task.”

A representative of UK Power Networks said:

“Eunomia provide us with a well-considered and clearly laid out review.  Their knowledgeable and helpful team ensure that we can meet our obligations with the minimum of fuss.”


Photo courtesy of UK Power Networks: Cable drums at Crawley by Tracey Elsey.