Award-Winning Speakers Announced at 15th Birthday Celebration

25th April 2016

Award-winning speakers and thought leaders, Tristram Stuart, Sophie Thomas, and Ray Georgeson,  are headlining at Eunomia’s 15th birthday celebration in Bristol this May.

As experts in their fields, the keynote speakers will be addressing major issues facing the environmental sector as part of a wider programme of entertainment designed to stimulate and inspire, and celebrate the consultancy’s 15th anniversary.

Eunomia Chairman, Dominic Hogg, will also set out a view on what the next 15 years might hold.

Tristram Stuart, founder of the charity Feedback, is an international award-winning author (‘The Bloodless Revolution’ and ‘Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal’), speaker, campaigner and expert on the environmental and social impacts of food production. Tristram won the international environmental award, The Sophie Prize, in 2011. He is an Ashoka Fellow, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. In 2016 he was appointed as a Champion 12.3 for the UN Sustainable Development Goal of halving food waste and reducing food loss globally by 2030.

Sophie, designer, founder of The Great Recovery Project and former Director of Circular Economy at RSA, will be reflecting on the crucial role that designers have in the move towards a more circular economy. Sophie’s work with global brands and UK government organisations, in ensuring that the fate of products is made an integral part of how they are designed, began around the time Eunomia was established.

Eunomia Chairman and founder, Dr Dominic Hogg, said:

“I’m really pleased that Sophie and Tristram have agreed to come and speak at our anniversary event. When Tristram started campaigning against food waste we were looking at how food waste could be better managed, and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved. Tristram, however, asked why we were wasting food at all. He’s helped transform the issue of food waste to that of a scandal on a global scale.”

Ray Georgeson, Chief Executive of the Resource Association, will be delivering the concluding keynote speech at the event. Ray has followed Eunomia’s progress from its inception in 2001 to the present day, and will be offering an outsider’s view of the journey that Eunomia has taken.

The 15th birthday celebration will take place on Tuesday 24th May. Eunomia has chosen the UK’s biggest science centre, @-Bristol, as its venue, due to its impressive list of sustainability credentials.

New Eunomia research will also be revealed.

Later on, Eunomia and friends will gather for food and drink to raise a glass to the future.