Adam Baddeley to Speak at Investing in Renewable Heat

1st July 2015

Adam Baddeley, Eunomia’s Head of Energy, will be speaking at Investing in Renewable Heat on Tuesday 7th July.

The event is part of Clarkslegal`s Forbury Investment Network and Rushlight Events investor briefing series, and will be looking at renewable heating technologies. The event will focus on renewable heating technologies suitability for different situations and the way in which they can be rolled out on a scale and as a package that is attractive for investors and financiers. Speakers will consider the incentives, the hurdles to be overcome and the solutions to those problems.

Adam will be presenting on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and other mechanisms to support renewable heat. Adam’s presentation will draw upon the detailed evaluation of the RHI that Eunomia has been undertaking on behalf of DECC. Adam’s presentation will be followed by a panel and Q&A session.

The event is being hosted by Grant Thornton, 30 Finsbury Square, London, EC2P 2YU. Further information and registration details can be found here.