A Smarter Energy Future for Wales

5th January 2016

Eunomia has been invited to provide input into the Welsh National Assembly’s inquiry into ‘A Smarter Energy Future for Wales’.

Consultant Chloe Bines will be appearing at a meeting of the Environment and Sustainability Committee, which is tasked with carrying out the inquiry, on 13th January 2016. The meeting will explore how energy storage mechanisms can be used to overcome barriers to increasing the use of renewable energy, and will also receive input from representatives of energy storage companies.

Chloe will be advising the committee on the following questions:

  • What role can local energy storage play as part of a distributed energy system?
  • What storage technology is currently available and what are the barriers to its implementation?
  • What changes are needed to the electricity market structure and to regulation to support the deployment of storage?
  • What support is available or could be provided by the Welsh Government for the development of storage solutions?
  • What potential is there to use different technologies for the storage of hydrogen?

Further information regarding the inquiry, which builds on a public consultation carried out last year, can be found here.