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News and views

Green Claims on PET Beverage Bottles Likely to be Misleading

Circularity claims on PET beverage bottles such as ‘100% recyclable’ or ‘100% recycled’ are likely to be misleading consumers, according …

1st November 2023

Reusable takeaway packaging has significant potential to reduce carbon footprint vs single-use options

Reusable take-away packaging could present a compelling climate case over single-use alternatives if return and washing systems are properly implemented …

5th September 2023

EU green policies must not alienate non-Member States

The EU needs to consider the impact of their environmental legislation on third countries or risk exacerbating unbalanced trade relations, …

11th July 2023

Case studies

Assessing retail sustainability at London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum in Covent Garden hosts an extensive retail outlet containing numerous branches of themed merchandise. In recognition that …

22nd September 2022

An Evaluation of the Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme (LDTCS) on behalf of the Welsh Government

The Welsh Government commissioned Eunomia to conduct a mid-term evaluation of their Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme (LDTCS), a grant …

31st May 2022