July 2017

Why Every Office Needs a Wormery


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While some offices (and households) might put their teabags, coffee filters, granules and fruit peelings in their black bins bags that get sent to landfill or incinerated, we have a more environmentally friendly solution that rewards our green fingered employees – all out in the garden at this time of year.

At our head office in Bristol we have a wormery in our back yard. A wormery is an easy, efficient system of converting ordinary kitchen food waste into liquid feed and rich organic compost through the natural action of worms.

According to a 2015 YouGov survey commissioned by the charity Contact the Elderly the average Brit drinks 17 cups of tea in a week, the equivalent of 876 cups each year. While we’re not drinking tea, the British Coffee Association states we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee per day. A lot of offices now offer a box of fruit for their employees too, generating significant quantities of apple cores and banana skins.

All those tea bags, coffee filters, granules, banana peels and the other food waste we produce each day are collected in a separate bin in the office kitchen, before one of the ‘worm team’ feed the worms twice a week in the winter, and three times in the summer.

Every few months the wormery is drained of the liquid it produces, then the ‘rocket fuel fertiliser’ is divided up among the gardeners in the office who report its astounding affect on their flowers and vegetables at home.

Eunomia Founder and Chairman Dominic Hogg said:

“We’re proud of our wormery at Eunomia. It’s a way of us managing some of our own waste and putting it to good use, whilst allowing the wrigglers to thrive. Any organisation with a backyard can do this. We do also send the food waste that can’t be dealt with by the worms for anaerobic digestion. We can also confirm that it’s not smelly and doesn’t attract flies. Our worm team also enjoy the fresh air they get when feeding the worms. It also makes for an interesting job spec every now and again – ‘must love worms.’”

A range of wormeries for both commercial and domestic use are available from www.wormcity.co.uk along with information on how they are used.

Our wormery appeared in a Guardian Small Business Network article on Workplace Wellness in Small Business, see one of our worms and find other ideas for promoting well being in the workplace here.