March 2015

Thomas Vergunst to speak at the North London Waste Prevention Exchange


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Thomas Vergunst will be introducing Eunomia’s Waste Prevention Toolkit at the North London Waste Prevention Exchange on Wednesday 11th March 2015.

Eunomia’s Toolkit allows for the systematic assessment of the financial and environmental impacts of a large number of waste prevention initiatives. Industry experts from across Europe will be using the day to share experiences and encourage debate about how best to produce reliable waste prevention indicators, monitor progress, and encourage efforts at the top of the waste hierarchy.

Other people speaking at the event  include Professor Margaret Bates (University of Northampton), Richard Featherstone (London Re-use Limited), Andrew Woodend (Defra), Philippe Micheaux Naudet (ACR+), and Jean-Benoit Bel (European Pre-waste Project). It should prove to be an interesting day and the diverse range of speakers should allow for some lively debates and discussions.