June 2016

Tackling Litter: Piece by Piece


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Eunomia’s Principal Consultant Chris Sherrington will join the South West Waste and Recycling Forum 10th Annual Conference this month to discuss the role of item-specific measures in tackling litter.

His presentation ‘A Fair Share of the Burden? – The Role of Item-Specific Measures in Tackling Litter’ will include research from his extensive work in the field of marine and land based litter management including observations from Eunomia’s influential Clean Sweep report.

Chris will be joined by other speakers from WRAP, the Marine Conservation Society and the Fishing for Litter initiative amongst others.

The venue for the event, the National Sailing Academy in Portland, Dorset, was chosen to highlight the programme’s marine litter theme ‘Is the tide turning on waste and recycling?’ The organisers are expecting an audience of local authorities, private organisations, waste partnerships and public authorities coming from around the South West.

Sponsors of the event include the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM), Newport Paper, Glasdon, Taylor Bins, Spedian, Ace-UK and Collecteco, all of whom will have trade stands on the day.

Taking to the stage at 10.30am Chris will tackle challenges involved with developing litter management and prevention strategies in a time of economic austerity. Highlighting shocking figures discovered in Eunomia’s recent Marine Plastics research, Chris will shed light on the barriers to litter prevention, including the argument for making the important distinction between ‘citizens’ and ‘consumers’. He will also explain what the European Commission’s Revised Circular Economy Package might mean in terms of financial responsibility for litter.

Ahead of the event, Chris said:

“While the challenge of addressing litter can at times seem overwhelming, a significant reduction in littering can be achieved by applying the right financial incentives, at the right points in the supply chain. In addition to litter prevention, they can also reduce the generation of waste, and deliver high return rates of materials of sufficient quality to enable closed loop recycling – all essential aspects of moving towards a more circular economy.”

You can view the full programme agenda here, and those interested in becoming a member or attending the conference can call Carol Arthur on 01803 207734 or email carol.arthur@torbay.gov.uk.

Eunomia’s recently published report ‘Plastics in the Marine Environment’ can be read here.