September 2016

Simon Hann Talks Ecodesign at Plasticity London


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Simon Hann, our Lifecycle Assessment Specialist,  will be speaking at Plasticity London 2016 on 21st September.

The event, entitled Designing for the Future – Plastic and the Circular Economy is part of the London Design Festival. It aims to engage the design community in discussions on sustainability options and opportunities.

Simon will be talking about how extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes could be used to incentivise ecodesign. The key way to achieve this is for the fees payable under an EPR scheme to vary, based on environmental criteria such as recycled content or recyclability.

He will also suggest that more forward thinking companies may wish to lobby for this so that they can leverage a competitive advantage and capitalise on their innovations in ecodesign.

The full programme for the event can be found here.