Waste Regulations Compliance

Using our tried and tested process, we have helped around 30 local authorities across the UK to assess how legal requirements regarding separate collection of recycling affect their waste services.

Under recent regulations and guidance, all waste collectors¬† are now required to collect glass, metal, paper, and plastic in separate streams where it is both necessary and technically, economically and environmentally practicable (“TEEP”) to do so. The regulations also require all those who handle waste to apply the waste hierarchy.

The rules that apply are slightly different in each part of the UK, and assessing compliance can be confusing and time-consuming if you lack prior experience. There is no process set in law or guidance for authorities to follow to in carrying out the necessity or TEEP tests. Waste collectors may therefore be concerned about how to carry out an assessment and demonstrate that it has been done properly.

Eunomia is ideally placed to advise on these matters, and have assisted numerous local authorities to navigate this complex course. We have produced an information sheet about how we help authorities work their way through the process and ensure that they are able to achieve compliance.

We literally “wrote the book” on how to demonstrate compliance, having authored the WRAP/LWARB/WNC Waste Regulations Route Map. We have also helped the Environment Agency understand the implications of the law for commercial waste collectors.

We offer two low cost services that local authorities may wish to make use of:

  • A review of the authority’s current compliance position, in which we work with councils to pull together all of the information they will need in order to assess whether the hierarchy has been properly applied and whether the necessity and TEEP tests are met, and to report on additional work that will be required in order for compliance to be established; and
  • An options appraisal based on the information gathered, which examines whether separate collection meets the two tests

We are also happy to offer a bespoke service where an authority has particularly complex circumstances or has additional  issues it wishes to explore, or to look at additional aspects of their waste service, such as commercial waste.