Feedstock & Market Analysis

One of the main challenges faced by developers of waste infrastructure at present is the need for obtaining reliable and accurate information on feedstock supply and competition within the market. Indeed, gaining commercial backing for a development, or the expansion of an existing facility, requires a robust evidence base to demonstrate that sufficient feedstock will be available to allow for the payback of any capital investments.

Eunomia has carried out a number market and feedstock studies covering, for example, residual waste, Solid Derived Fuel (SRF), and food waste. We have worked for numerous private sector clients and our experience during the course of these studies has led us to develop some of the most proven and accurate metrics for quantifying feedstock available from different market sectors, and the demand from current and planned competing facilities.

We have previously undertaken feedstock due diligence studies for the likes of Balfour Beatty Capital, Goldman Sachs International, Nord LB, Ludgate Environmental Fund, Foresight Group, Cooperative Bank, Climate Change Capital, Novus Modus and Investec. We have also undertaken competitor analysis and feedstock assessment studies for a range of organisations seeking to develop new facilities, including Biossence, Scottish & Southern Energy, FCC, Shanks, Kier Group, Geneco, and New Earth Solutions.

In addition, we publish a subscription-based Residual Waste Infrastructure Review, which includes information on all residual waste treatment facilities in the UK, along with analysis of capacity gaps in all regions across the country.