Training and Capacity Building

Eunomia and its partners can help to deliver training and facilitated learning exercises to help improve the capabilities of those with responsibility for waste management.

‘Waste management’ is a simple phrase which belies the complexity of the disciplines which need to be mastered in order to ensure waste is sensibly managed. To manage waste in ways which are acceptable in the 21st century one needs to master a range of skills and disciplines, including:

  • Legal disciplines, including:
    • (In the EU) Compliance with waste legislation
    • Procurement in line with regulations and best practice
    • Contracting in such a way as to elicit value
  • Technical disciplines, covering:
    • The technical potential of different facilities and approaches
    • Understanding of emissions (of greenhouse gases and other pollutants)
  • Cost-effective regulation, including:
    • Approaches to permitting
    • In the EU, an understanding of the implications of the Industrial Emissions Directive
  • Economics
    • Understanding the costs of waste management
    • Ensuring the efficient procurement and delivery of services
  • Financial
    • Understanding different ways of financing facilities
    • Modelling the financial flows over the lifetime of a facility or contract
  • Land use planning
    • Understanding the factors which influence the optimal siting of waste facilities
    • Appraisal of site options
  • Management
    • Appreciation of the need for institutional reform (for example, to ensure cost recovery is achieved in the management of waste)
    • Management of operations and contracts.