Fire Prevention Plans


Fires at waste facilities are a major problem within the sector. A significant waste fire risks damage to property and the local environment, interruption to service provision and harm to staff. It also places a burden on public bodies such as the fire and rescue services.

To address the problem, Fire Prevention Plans (FPP) (in England) and Fire Prevention and Mitigation Plans (FP&MP) (in Wales) were introduced in 2015. These plans ensure operators consider how fires can be prevented on their site, and how any fire that occurs can be effectively managed and extinguished to reduce its impacts.

In addition to our practical and operational experience, our Planning and Permitting Team has already prepared FPPs for English and Welsh local authorities. We have also delivered industry-wide training across Wales on the Fire Prevention and Mitigation Plan Guidance with our partners F&P Fire Ltd.

Consequently, our Planning and Permitting Team has significant practical understanding of the waste permitting regime, first-hand experience of developing FPPs, and detailed awareness of waste site operations.

We have the skills, experience and resources to assist you in:

  • Identifying what aspects of your operation require a FPP or FP∓
  • Designing a practicable approach for your site to achieve compliance; and
  • Developing or reviewing a plan tailored to your site requirements.

Our experience means we can do this in a cost effective manner that is likely to be cheaper and quicker than doing the work in house. Whether you are starting from a blank page, or have had your initial submission rejected by the regulator, we’re ready to help.