Procurement Support

We believe that there is far more to a successful procurement than simply running a processes that is legally compliant – important though that basic requirement is. Our aim is to understand our clients’ needs and the constraints and opportunities in the waste market to make sure our clients get a good deal that will allow their relationship with their supplier to stand the test of time.

The proof of the value that we add is seen in the quality of the outcomes we deliver, supporting public sector clients to procure collection, treatment and materials reprocessing contracts that meet or exceed their expectations regarding cost and quality.

In many cases the procurement process can be complex. We assisted the Somerset authorities in negotiating the various technical, legal, financial and political challenges as they went through the process of developing a Joint Board – the Somerset Waste Partnership – agreeing a wholly joint budget and management structures and designing and procuring a totally joined-up waste collection contract now successfully delivering cash savings of around £1.7m / annum.

For the Borough of Charnwood we developed an approach and documents for the procurement of a MRF using the open procedure. This project led to the procurement of capacity saving the authority many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

When we supported Ealing in procuring a £100m+ integrated waste management contract we took an overall project management role with significant responsibility for delivering the contract to a challenging timescale.