Eunomia has produced a free Waste Prevention Toolkit (WPT) to assist local authority recycling and waste minimisation officers in determining the impact and cost of a range of waste prevention initiatives.

It is an easy to use, Excel-based model, but we’re happy to offer support to authorities that may need assistance in analysing their options. The WPT produces tables and charts showing the financial and environmental impacts of initiatives, which can be used to illustrate the benefits of waste prevention initiatives in presentations and reports.

The WPT allows the user to model the waste prevention effects, environmental impacts and associated costs of up to 10 pre-loaded prevention initiatives, and on up to three bespoke waste prevention initiatives. We are keen to work with authorities to further expand the range of initiatives that can be analysed.

It is based on recent work undertaken by Eunomia for the Welsh Local Government Association which led to the development and rollout of the WLGA Waste Avoidance Toolkit. The WPT is a simplified version which is now available free of charge to local authority officers across the UK.