Due Diligence

Eunomia has significant experience of providing due diligence support to investors and waste companies in the course of mergers, acquisitions and developments.

We bring a unique blend of technical knowledge and deep understanding of the market – in part informed by our in depth work on waste policy – that allows us to help evaluate investment opportunities and improve the likelihood of a successful transaction.

The waste market is changing fast in response to legislation and technology, making it difficult to understand the real value of assets, or the scale of any liabilities related to historic infrastructure. Eunomia’s team of experts is able to help identify unforeseen costs and the risks to projected returns as well upsides, which might not be immediately apparent. This gives our clients insight into the opportunities and issues associated with a particular sale, investment or development.

We have a track record of supporting investors, developers and operators, both in the UK and overseas on all aspect of commercial, technical and environmental due diligence. The breadth of our expertise extends from market due diligence on anaerobic digestion and waste gasification and incineration projects to advising on the sale or acquisition of commercial waste businesses and national-scale environmental services businesses which include significant landfill assets.

We also provide due diligence services in the field of low carbon energy investment.