Eunomia helps local authorities to reduce the cost of their waste and recycling collection services. Our approach draws on practical operational experience, financial know-how, the best process improvement techniques and a well-developed understanding of how to deliver change in a local authority setting.

Our collaborative style draws attention both to existing good practice and to areas where improvements can be made. We believe that active involvement with stakeholders, particularly operational staff and their leaders is crucial to delivering sustainable service improvement. We can perform a service efficiency ‘health check’ providing a quick, low-cost and independent assessment of the service. Alternatively, a full service efficiency review takes a more detailed look at the service using a combination of approaches such as:

  • Desktop analysis of operational and financial data;
  • Work study techniques assess productivity by observing crews at work;
  • Comparing current working practice with considered ‘best practice’;
  • Using FleetRoute to help optimise collection rounds;
  • Review of service specification and sophisticated modelling of options; and
  • Assessment of vehicle specification to assess whether productivity is being maximised.

Our focus is to show where cost-savings can be achieved but we also understand the need to provide a service which residents are happy with, as well as the importance of maintaining good staff relations and achieving environmental objectives. By understanding an authority’s specific priorities we make sure our recommendations are practical.

Once an authority is committed to making service change to reduce costs we can support this either through the preparation of action plans or more directly by providing interim management support.