Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is one of the key tools used by Eunomia to enable us to evaluate the impact and relative advantages of different policy options. We have extensive experience of applying this technique to different policy issues. Whilst each CBA is bespoke, our experience enables us to avoid common pitfalls and to quickly and efficiently produce a robust analysis.

A key issue in successfully producing a CBA is to obtain the best available data in order to establish a reasonable baseline and to quantify the likely impact of policy measures. Eunomia deploys a critical approach in assessing the value of potential evidence, and works hard to ensure that any assumptions made are clearly explained so as to provide transparency for our clients.

We lead a pan-European team for the provision of services for CBAs of legislation implemented as part of the Waste Framework Directive, under a call off contract with DG Environment. Recent work includes a CBA of options to reduce the use of single-use plastic carrier bags in the EU and a study examining the application of anaerobic digestate to agricultural land in Wales.