Sustainable Business

Eunomia works with organisations to help them understand and reduce their impact on the environment, whether through their own operations or through their products. We have significant expertise in assessing the carbon footprints of different products and technologies, and how key assumptions and parameters can shift any analysis either in favour, or against, a given solution.

  • We have developed a highly adaptable and comprehensive model for waste treatment technologies, which includes data from a wide range of processes from both the UK and overseas.
  • We have also developed a detailed approach to comparing the carbon footprints of products which are manufactured overseas with potential local alternatives, which will become an increasingly significant consideration in the event that future global climate change agreements make nations responsible for carbon ‘embodied’ within products consumed, rather than solely for those manufactured in the country.

Examples of projects in this area include:

  • INEOS Bio – carbon modelling of new biofuels production technology
  • New Earth Solutions – assessment of carbon emissions associated with new waste management technology
  • BAA – assessment of carbon footprint of a range of energy generation technologies
  • Global Renewables Ltd – modelling of carbon footprint of anaerobic digestion technology