Contract Management and Negotiation

Close contract management is critical to getting the service you require. We can up skill your contract management team and support you through any dispute that may arise.

Our team of experts offer training and support tailored to your needs. We have experience of undertaking contract knowledge gap analyses, helping identify aspects of the contract that contract managers may not understand, including:

  • The incentive mechanisms in the contract;
  • Performance deductions or liquidated damages;
  • Escalation protocols and dispute resolution options.

During a long contract, circumstances can change. We can help you work with your contractor to reshape your agreement to reflect your needs. Renegotiation requires a keen appreciation of the strength of your bargaining position and an understanding of what your contractor really wants. We can also advise on how to renegotiate while complying with procurement law.

Sometimes disputes will arise. Our skilled commercial negotiators have a track record of resolving difficult contractual relationships and helping both parties secure a commercially advantageous result. We fully understand the range of options available to resolve disputes, including mediation (including through CEDR), adjudication, arbitration or litigation. We have extensive experience of acting for clients so as to resolve disputes quickly, and with minimum legal costs.

Whatever stage you’re at in your contract management we can provide support that will help you reach your desired outcome. To discuss your needs and how we can help, contact one of our key staff below.