Eunomia’s expert procurement team combines technical procurement law knowledge with subject matter expertise in a range of fields, helping us secure the outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We understand that the procurement process starts long before you go to the market, and continues long afterwards. We can help you analyse:

  • What goods, works and services you need, and consider how to keep your procurement open to innovative solutions and business models. Would it be better to make, buy or lease?
  • What the market is able to provide (e.g. through a soft market test), and how you could enable it to better meet your requirements
  • What approach to obtaining the goods or services you require is likely to yield the best outcomes

If you decide that a tender process is the best solution, we can provide full support, including:

  • Designing an effective process, which is compliant with any applicable regulations
  • Preparing key documents, such as the conditions of contract, specification and payment mechanism
  • Evaluating tenders
  • Implementation support

Once you have a contract in place, we can also help you use it to manage your supplier effectively, and to resolve disputes that may arise.

Contact a member of the team below to discuss how Eunomia can help.