Evidence Review

Eunomia has substantial experience of carrying out evidence reviews and seeks to ensure that they are carried out in a targeted, effective and comprehensive way.

We are familiar with methodologies such as Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) that enable researchers to quickly synthesise available evidence, as comprehensively as possible, within the constraints of a given timetable.

At the start of each review we seek to understand the ‘logic’ of the intervention, and map activities involved in the topic under consideration to their potential consequences of interest to the client in order to trace through the potential impacts of the policy or project under consideration.

We undertake reviews of both peer reviewed and ‘grey’ literature aimed at understanding and quantifying the impacts identified where possible. We evaluate both the quality and credibility of relevant evidence, providing a critique of relevant studies where possible.

Coding of information sources is another critical element of evidence review. Each source is always fully referenced and a database is designed which makes full use of tags and filtering to ensure easy extraction of data.