Policy & Strategy

Are you looking for support in developing policies or strategies on waste and resources issues, whether at the European, national, regional and municipal level?

Using our deep expertise in policy formulation, our comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing operational delivery our proven expertise in procurement, we can provide you with coherent, fully-costed and forward thinking proposals. If you are seeking cutting-edge strategies, backed with credible implementation plans, Eunomia can help.

Increasingly, our clients want to understand how they can shift practices and behaviour so that waste is seen as a resource rather than a problem to be dealt with. Increasingly, they are looking to design waste out of the system in a transition to a circular economy. We are able to deliver:

  • National level waste management plans and strategies, and waste prevention programmes
  • National level policy proposals
  • Regional waste management plans and waste prevention programmes
  • Waste management plans and waste prevention programmes at the municipal leve
  • Bespoke toolkits to help regions and municipalities to evaluate options in the context of the development of their waste management plans and programmes

We can provide you with support from the earliest stages of policy development, as you look to establish an evidence base for action and the skills to deliver. We can provide you with:

  • Bespoke models to understand the costs and benefits of waste management planning
  • Supporting analysis (such as strategic environmental assessments, options appraisals, priority investment planning)
  • Training in the development of waste management plans and waste prevention programmes
  • Guidance in the preparation of waste management plans and waste prevention programme

Whenever governments and seek to change their waste management for the better, they find us to be creative and commercially astute partners.