Marine Litter

There is increasing concern about the prevalence of litter in the marine environment, the majority of which originates on land.

Plastics are the most abundant debris found in the marine environment and comprise more than half of litter in European Regional Seas. Of the plastic fraction, the European Commission notes that more than half is composed of plastic packaging waste with plastic bottles and bags being predominant types of plastic packaging.

Eunomia has undertaken a range of studies in this area, investigating the sources, pathways and impacts of marine litter, and exploring the effectiveness of preventative and removal measures.

Our capabilities include:

  • Critical review of the latest evidence associated with marine litter sources, pathways and interventions
  • Developing methodologies to identify the effectiveness of interventions to prevent litter entering the aquatic environment; and
  • Quantifying and valuing the benefits associated with specific interventions, many of which are necessarily land-based.

Clients include the UN, European Commission and the Clean Europe Network. We therefore have a detailed knowledge of the relative strengths of different monitoring approaches, a solid understanding of areas where research is lacking, and excellent contacts with academics and practitioners across the globe.