RDF Industry Group

The RDF Industry Group has been brought together by Eunomia (as its secretariat) to explore the opportunities and issues relating to RDF export.

The Group was established in January 2015, and aims to:

  • explore and address issues surrounding RDF export from the UK;
  • develop evidenced-based information on the legal, environmental and economic issues related to RDF export; and
  • communicate its work to third parties including the government and other key stakeholders in the form of reports, presentations or other communications material.

The Group is currently chaired by Robert Corijn (Marketing Manager, Attero B.V).

We welcome new member requests and enquiries from anyone interested in the RDF Industry Group or wider industry.  If you would like further information please email: rdfindustrygroup@eunomia.co.uk

The Group meets three times a year and provides a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing amongst members. There are a number of smaller working groups for members who have particular interests, focussing on topics such as fire prevention plans and transfrontier shipment rules. There is a small annual membership fee which gives members access to Group meetings and networking, working groups, resources and secretariat support.

The Group benefits from a diverse range of members including major waste management contractors and operators both from the UK and across Europe.