Policy & Strategy

Eunomia’s clients benefit from our long-standing involvement with the UK Government on its approach to renewable energy, and the insights  through that our numerous projects have given us into the direction of, and constraints on, policymaking.

Our longstanding engagement with policy development, combined with our private client work, makes us a regular and valued contributor to influential policy development projects. Our evaluation of the Renewable Heat Incentive made recommendations to government that led to the design of a reformed scheme.   Our wider policy making expertise includes a range of policy options appraisal and evaluation techniques, which we have deployed in support of high profile work for national governments and the EU.

We use our policy knowledge to inform our work in a range of different ways, each tailored to a specific project size, type or client. It enables us to help our clients develop fully comprehensive investment strategies based on the current regulatory and policy framework; and to provide focused advice on the key challenges and opportunities relevant to a particular client.

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