Eunomia has substantial expertise in assisting clients that are looking to develop new generation plant. Our team includes those who have worked in commercial project development for wind and solar farms, and we are therefore well placed to help those looking to navigate the potentially challenging path to ensuring that planning and environmental permitting requirements are met

One example of such work is the separate project management and delivery role we undertook for the development of all CCS infrastructure for a new coal-fired power station (fitted with CCS) in Scotland. This role incorporated:

  • negotiations with National Grid and Scottish Power for a feasible connection timeframe;
  • management of a range of consultants for geological storage, planning and permitting (towards Section 36 consent):
  • interfacing with all levels of government towards facilitation of the key CCS infrastructure elements; and
  • provision of analysis of management of ancillary inputs and outputs from the plant, such as limestone and fly ash.

Importantly, Eunomia has also recently been appointed to manage DECC’s Renewable Energy Planning Database (REPD). The management of the REPD provides us with a fully up-to-date understanding of the level of current and future deployment across the UK renewable electricity market and of the attrition rates within different technology sub-sectors and geographical areas. This allows us to provide unique insights to our clients from a strategic planning perspective.