Waste Prevention Toolkit

15th November 2013

by Dr Chris Sherrington, Joe Papineschi, Alison Holmes

Eunomia has produced a free Waste Prevention Toolkit (WPT) to assist Local Authority Recycling and Waste Minimisation Officers in determining the impact and cost of a range of waste prevention initiatives.

The WPT is an easy to use, Excel-based model, which provides officers with robust information to facilitate the decision making process. In addition, the model produces tables and charts showing the financial and environmental impacts of the initiatives modelled, which can be used to illustrate the benefits of waste prevention initiatives in presentations and reports.

The WPT allows the user to model the waste prevention effects, environmental impacts and associated costs of up to 10 pre-loaded prevention initiatives:

  • Home composting;
  • No junk mail;
  • Reusable nappies;
  • Love Food / Hate Waste;
  • Paint reuse;
  • Community swap days;
  • Zero waste challenges;
  • Reducing the size of residual waste containers;
  • No side waste policies; and
  • General communications.

In addition, the WPT includes the option for officers to add data on up to three bespoke waste prevention initiatives. These “Other” initiatives are then included within the environmental analysis that forms a core component of the outputs of the WPT.

The WPT is based on recent work undertaken by Eunomia for the Welsh Local Government Association which led to the development and rollout of the WLGA Waste Avoidance Toolkit. The WPT is a simplified version which has been amended to enable it to be of use to all UK Local Authorities.

The WPT is now available free of charge to local authority officers across the UK. To support officers in using the WPT, Eunomia will run regular webinars until April 2014. Each webinar will be open to a maximum of 8 participants and will last up to 2 hours.

To request a copy of the WPT please click on the red button below.