October 2016

The Impact of Deposit Refund Schemes on Municipalities


Posted in | by Dr Dominic Hogg

This presentation was delivered by Eunomia Founder and Chairman Dominic Hogg at the 4th Global Deposits Return Summit – The Tipping Point, on 7th October in Edinburgh.

Organised by Reloop and Have You Got The Bottle? the event invited campaigners, operators and experts to discuss the future of deposit return schemes.

In this presentation Dominic outlines:

  • Factors affecting municipalities;
  • Modelled outcomes in Scotland and Spain.

Dominic has worked in the environmental field for over 25 years as a campaigner, researcher and consultant during which time he has developed a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what can be done for the environment within the bounds of economic viability.

The presentation is available free of charge. Press the orange button and supply a few details about yourself in order to access the download.