July 2018

Microplastics in the Water Environment


Posted in | | by David Baxter

This presentation by our Head of Natural Economy David Baxter was delivered at the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit.

The most high-profile event of London Water Week, and supported by the Department for International Trade, David was chairing a session titled ‘Under the Microscope: The Plastic Problem in Need of a New Technological Solution’. The panel was addressing microplastics and their implications for wastewater treatment plants, as well as the technology innovations needed to tackle the problems they cause.

David’s presentation was an overview of microplastic sources, titled ‘Microplastics in the Water Environment’, and included:

  • Plastics in the marine environment
  • Plastics distribution in the EU environment
  • Microplastics entering EU surface waters

The presentation is available free of charge. Press the orange button and supply a few details about yourself in order to access the download.