Leverage Points for Reducing Single-use Plastics – Background Research

30th October 2017

by Dr Chris Sherrington, Dr Chiarina Darrah, Steven Watson, Joss Winter

This report was commissioned by Seas at Risk, an umbrella organisation of European environmental NGOs which promotes marine protection and is the first attempt to create a picture of single-use plastic consumption in Europe based on consumption estimates for key items of plastic pollution.

The research uses market data from around Europe to extrapolate Europe-wide consumption figures for some of the worst offenders in terms of marine plastics, namely:

  • Plastic bottles;
  • Coffee cups and lids;
  • Drinking straws;
  • Takeaway packaging; and
  • Cigarette butts.

Individual consumption estimates were also made for the North East Atlantic, Black Sea, Mediterranean and Baltic regional sea areas. In addition to making first estimates for consumption, the report also presents case studies of successful litter prevention initiatives and makes recommendations for how legislation can drive reductions in plastic consumption and so reduce marine plastic pollution.

Seas at Risk has also created a summary report to go alongside this background research.

This report is available free of charge. Press the orange button and supply a few details about yourself in order to access the download.