Our People


Mathilde Braddock

Junior Consultant

Mathilde joined the policy team at Eunomia in March 2017. She applies the critical analysis and modelling skills she acquired from academic research to her work, contributing to innovative and effective policy in the resource efficiency and waste management sectors.


Recent experience

Since joining Eunomia, Mathilde has worked on several large projects relating to the European Commission’s Plastics Strategy in the Circular Economy. These projects involved undertaking research to identify the barriers to reuse and recycling of plastic, conducting an impact assessment of single-use plastics and recommending measures to reduce their prevalence in marine litter. Mathilde also led the assessment of the European Member States’ implementation of the Waste Framework Directive for DG Environment. In addition, Mathilde has contributed to the renewable energy planning database (REPD), which provides a monthly updated dataset to the department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) on renewable energy generation capacity in the UK. She has also applied her research skills to a number of projects on the circular economy.


Career history

Previously Mathilde worked at the Schumacher Institute, a Bristol-based sustainability think-tank, where she undertook research into the prospects of geothermal energy in the UK. Through this work, she developed research and report writing skills, with a focus on policy recommendations. Mathilde has also been involved in research with the volcanology group at the University of Bristol, contributing to the management of databases and writing academic papers.

Mathilde has a master’s degree in Geology from the University of Bristol. During her studies, she gained experience in the resource and energy sectors, developing a particular interest in geothermal energy during her year abroad in Iceland.